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Fruits and vegetables in Egypt


Over the summer I will be traveling to a hotel in Taba Egypt (25 minutes from the Eilat border) for 4 days, (Cheaper and more tznius than israel hotels) Can I eat the fruits and vegtables there or do I need to be concerned they are from Israel? Would it help if I treat them as if they have kedushas shveius?




Before getting to your question, it does seem odd to me that someone will want to leave beautiful Eretz Yisroel, the place we mourn to have back fully, and to go to “ervas ha’aretz” because it is more tzniusdik over there! There should be plenty of tzniusdik places that are cheap in Eretz Yisroel, without having go back to Mitzrayim, a place that sometimes has an issur d’orayso to go there. It definitely is not the place Hashem wants us to be.

However regarding your specific question. Assuming that you will have other kosher food to eat there, the fruits and vegetables should not have a shmitta issue. It is safe to assume that the fruits in Egypt are from Egypt.

Best wishes and have a kosher bein hazmanim


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