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Heathers: Shatnez?


Hello. I am concerned… I purchased a clothing item (undergarment) that was assumed previously to be completely free of wool. It is all cotton and polyester. That being said, the label says ‘Heathers: 90% Cotton / 10% Polyester’. I looked up what heathers means and it is (maybe) referring to an effect created by combining two or more different colored yarns/fibers. So, initially I was thinking “okay still, this must not be a problem as it says ‘90% cotton (and 10% polyester)’ so therefore the fibers and/or yarn must only be cotton and polyester”, but going further down (in the Wikipedia article) there may be, if I am reading it correctly, a discrepancy in the percent of cotton being labeled, where there are allowances for certain levels (it didn’t specify) to broadly be labeled as even 100% cotton. So this caused me concern! So I looked online and found that the company does not use animal products– but they are also not claiming 100% vegan products. Given what I have previously read, and that these claims are from secondary sources, I am questioning whether I can wear this! Any ideas? Super specific I know, but maybe you can point me in the right direction. If I am able to get in touch with the company and ask about the specific product do you think that is necessary or trustworthy? Thank you, thank you, thank you.




The best thing I can tell you about this is to call your local Shatnez Testing Center at (410) 358-1787.,

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  1. Thank you :) a helpful answer not only for this particular question but for my broader situation. Keep up the great work.

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