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Overcharging a client


I am a handyman who was asked by a tenant to do a job. I spoke to the owner who told me to go ahead at whatever price the tenant arranges.
I quoted $1,000 and the tenant told me to charge $1,400 and to give him $200.
I am assuming this is not allowed but would like to understand what prohibition is involved.
Is this theft ?
Is it geneivas daas?
Who is committing the aveira in this situation?




You are quite correct. This is not allowed, as the tenant is stealing from the landlord. Even though the landlord said that he would pay whatever is arranged, he only meant to pay the reasonable value or the job, not so others can take advantage of the situation. To make matters worse, the tenant wants you to be an accomplice to his crime, which is also “mesayeya bidei ovdei aveiro”. Therefore you would also be doing an aviero. Tell the tenant that you want to deal honestly, and the price is $1000 and not anymore.

Hashem should help everyone get their proper parnassa in a permitted way

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