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Tzoah bemashehu and the ravs chiddush something that can only be seen by the eye



  1. I saw the Rav’s psak on a mashehu of tzoah and am bothered by it. Here’s the link to what I’m referring to First off if the halcha is only what the eye can see than why don’t the poskim mention it? and who says it’s a clal by all things maybe just by bugs? As a side point why would the mishna berura say tzoah is ussor bemashehu and not mention that only what the eye can see? furthermore isn’t this something that should have been mentioned in the sifrei kadmoinem such a yesod and if it wasn’t maybe only a gadol hador could be mechadesh it
  2. And as a diffrent question what if one knows there was a bit tzoah somewhere but now he can’t see it does this din still apply or not becuase he knows it’s there he just doesn’t see it anymore?

I’m sorry if chas vesholom I sound disrespectful I don’t mean to be at all I’m sure the rav can be mechadesh this din I would just feel comfortable if there’s real backing on it…




  1. It is not my chiddush. There is a rule “lo nitno hatorah lmalachiei hashores”. The torah wasn’t given to the angles, rather to us mortal human beings, and if something is so small that it isn’t discernable. A person is not obligated to do a surgical scrub to make sure there are no microscopic vestiges of anything on his hands each time the bathroom is used before saying asher yotzar. You won’t find that in any of the poskim either.

This idea is not only by bugs but by the halachos of 4 minim, regarding a small black dot that is not noticeable to the human eye from a normal distance, and by the halachos of writing a sefer Torah. Please see the other sources in the post that you quoted.

If you are not sure about what is written here, you can always ask your local Rov or Rosh Yeshiva.

  1. The idea of not seeing it is not because your eyes can’t find it, rather becuse it is so minute that it isn’t seen. Regarding your hypothetical case, in the worst event, walk 4 amos away from there and you can say brachos, because such a small amount doesn’t give off much smell and when you are out of 4 amos you will also be out of 4 amos of its smell. to be technical about it, something like this is not really practical, because it will not really apply


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