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I am staying in a  yeshiva dorm during the bein hazmanim and the goy that cleans, on two occasions, brought a shiksa into the dorm when I was the only bachur there. (I don’t know if she is related to him.) When this happens, what should I do? May I enter briefly if necessary to retrieve something and let the door close behind me, or rather put a trash can and make the door to the street stay open? May I take a nap while the shiksa is in the dorm?



This can be an issue, because a gentile woman is not protected by her gentile husband. Aside from the fact that you don’t know if they are even married.

The second option of keeping a trash can to keep the front door open is good. Taking a nap is the same as entering the building, there will be a yichud issue with that.

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