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Buying things for a baby before it’s born


Hi Rov
Hope you are having a good bein hazmanim. Just a quick question. What is the deal with buying things before a baby is born? Should one wait till after? Why?
Thanks so much




There are people who have such a hanhaga although it isn’t clear what the reason is. Some say that it could be because of ayin hora, others say that it is becuse if c”v something happens during the birth, when they see the new things it will cause them more heartache. Or to show that we are still dependent on the chesed Hashem that the birth etc. should go well. Even with these reasons, it is not assur in halacha to do so. Even those how won’t actually buy the new things beforehand, however you can go to look and pick out what you want before the baby is born.

Beshaa tova


שמירת הגוף והנפש ס’ כ’ אות ט”ו, עשה לך רב ו ס’ פח, הבית היהודי ח”ו פי”ט אות ט”ו, ואין למו מכשול ח”ב פ”ז אות ו’, שלחן ערוך המקוצר ח”ב עמ’ שי”ד. ולענין לבחור הדברים לפני כן ראיתי מובא בשם הרב ט. גולדשטיין זצ”ל.


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