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Using perfume on Shabbos


Is this a permitted manner to apply cologne or perfume on shabbos? Spraying the cologne in the air, and then walking into it while dressed? You are not spraying the cologne on clothes, but into the air and having it dissolve on your clothes from the spray.




What you are describing is merely a different way of applying perfume to clothing, and should not be done on Shabbos, as part of milod reicha in clothing. Colonge or perfume can be applied to a person’s body on Shabbos

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משנה ברורה סימן שכב ס”ק יח

אבל אסור להוליד ריח כגון להניח בשמים בבגד וכדומה כדי שיהיה הבגד מריח אסור [אחרונים]

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