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Eating Before Kiddush Shabbos Morning for a Woman


What is the halacha for a woman who doesn’t go to shul Shabbos Morning? May she eat without kiddush when she gets up and then daven or is the correct halacha to first say a shevach, bakasha, hodaah, make kiddush, and then daven the full davening?




The halachos of eating on Shabbos morning are as follows. Every day we are not allowed to eat, until after davening shacharis. Although women should daven shacharis like men do, however a woman who is lenient with this, or if she has young children and she can’t daven shacharis every day, so then her shacharis is saying a shevach, bakasha, hodaah, which is fulfilled by saying Birkas Hatorah in the morning. There is another halacha regarding Shabbos, that after a person has davened shacharis, then the obligation to make kiddush applies to them, and we don’t even drink water before making or hearing kiddush. Therefore, a woman who normally considers saying brachos as her davening, will not be able to drink water after saying brachos until she hears kiddush first. However, if she usually davens a real shacharis, then by saying brachos it is not considered as if she has davened yet, and she may still eat what is permitted to eating before davening. If she usually says brachos before eating and only davens after eating, then to her, she considers davening to be a a shevach, bakasha, hodaah. Therefore, after she has said that, she should make kiddush before eating. However, the correct thing (unless she can’t…) is to daven the whole shacharis before making kiddush and eating.

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מ”ב ס’ ק”ו ס”ק ד’, וע’ שש”כ פנ”ב סע’ י”ג.


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