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Davening at home on Rosh Hashanah?


Is it OK to continue davening at home on Rosh Hashanah this year? I am asking on behalf of a man who 1) is EXTREMELY fearful of catching Covid and 2) WILL have access to hearing shofar even if he stays at home.




It is hard to answer you on this because I don’t have enough information. First of all why is he so fearfull about covid? Did he get his shots? Does he have a pre-existing condition? Is it just a case of nerves?  What does his doctor say to this?

On the one hand we do have to protect our health, however this does not maen that we shouldn’t walk out into the street because we might get hit by a car. We act with caution, but we have to take the whole picture into consideration. Right now (Sept. 2022) covid is pretty much under control and isn’t seen as such a life threatening illness, as it was two years ago.

Rosh Hashana is a very important day, a day that will affect the rest of our life. If it is indeed dangerous for him to go to shul, then this is what he has to do to protect his health. However if it is merely being unreasonably cautious, then he should go to shul, with a mask etc. but it is shame for him to miss such an important davening.

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