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Tidbyt on Shabbos


Is it permissible to use a Tidbyt on Shabbos? A Tidbyt is a screen in which you can see things such as weather, and sport scores at a glance. It changes automatically without being touched but updates automatically on Shabbos. Is this permissible? Thanks




Although you are not actually doing anything by merely looking at the screen, viewig it on Shabbos is incorrect. The reason is because by viewing the screen, it will take you out of the proper ambiance and atmosphere that the Shabbos is supposed to have, similar to keeping the TV on Shabbos to watch a baseball game. It is not in the spirit of Shabbos. Shabbos is a day that we are specifically meant to separate ourselves from being involved in worldly things, business sports, etc., which gives us more time to connect with ourselves, with our family, and with Hashem. This is one of the reasons, why we have the halachos of muktza, not doing business, and numerous other activites on Shabbos. In order to keep the special ambiance of Shabbos. If we will find ways of involving ourselves with the current news, sports etc., in a certain way we are destroying the purpose, and benefit that we have from the Shabbos. Therefore it should not be watched on Shabbos. 

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