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Working Chol Hamoed Sukkot Part 2


I am not sure how to respond to my other post,
I was thinking that missing those hours of work and so missing out on the income might be a loss, but now I am realizing, what wouldn’t be considered a loss in that case? I guess the main thing was I feel guilty about not working and wanted to make sure it’s not permitted to work in my case.




I’m happy to see that you arrived at the answer on your own, as chazak say ” the question of  wisw man is already half the answer”. A person is allowed to work to earn money if the person needs the money for Yom Tov expenses, other than that one should not work on Chol Hamoed. You will not lose out because you didn’t work on Chol Hamoed, as this is included in Yom Tov expenses, and you will be paid back for it by Hashem in some way or another.

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