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Geneivas Daas


I have two questions:
1) Is the issur of geneivas daas only when the other person is machzik tovah to him as Rashi says in Chulin (94a), what would be if he tells someone that his name is different than what it really is, besides the issur of sheker would there be an issur of geneivas daas if it makes no difference what his name is?
2) If one is getting his license and the state he lives in requires him to do a certain amount of hours for example 40, but he only did 20, if his parents would sign that he did 40 hours not only would they be signing a sheker, but it would also be geneivas daas, is this correct?
Thank you so much!


 Geneivas daas is not only because the person will be machzik tova to you, but even if the fooling the other person will cause him to do other things too. Such as your second question. If lying will cause the government to give you a license when it isn’t deserved, only because they were fooled, by someone lying, that would also be geneivas daas.

Regarding your first question, it depends why the person is asking the question, and what the circumstances are. Regardless unless there is a specific reason to do so, we may not lie.

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