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Ripping stocking cap on shabbos


Kvod Harav,
I would like to wear a “cap” (similar to a bathing cap) to keep my hair under my sheitel from sticking out by holding the hair together. The fabrics of the caps that I found are nylon or stocking material – so they are very thin and would probably rip very easily. If I put on the sheitel on top which has clips that are pointy, I am guessing that I would rip the cap. Is that a problem to wear on shabbos/yumtif?
Does it matter if I would wear the cap again or throw it out after that day? Or if I would benefit from the holes or not? I dont think that the holes would be to my benefit…
Thank you very much!



Unless the clips will definitely make a hole, you don’t have to be concerned with this. This is because it is considered aino miskaven (an unintended action) mikalkel (destructive), and a shinui (not the usual way a hole is made in such material). Therefore you can wear it in the regular way without being concerned that eventually it will get ripped.

Best wishes


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