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Mikva on Motzei Yom tov


I was wondering if you would be able to advise on the below please?
I am hoping to go to Mikva on motzei yom tov (motzei simchas torah).
What sort of preparations need to be done before yom tov and what can wait until just before mikvah?

Is it ok to remove body hair and cut nails during chol hamoed as preparation or do you advise waiting until after yom tov to do everything? If this is the case is there an issue with removing hair and nails just before immersing?

Thank you for your help



The Ashkenazi minhag is to do a full chafifa (bath, teeth, hair etc.) before Yom Tov, and on motzei Yom Tov to take a shower, and wash any folds, cavities etc., comb your hair, brush your teeth, and check yourself over.

You may cut your nails and shave as part of your preparation for the mikva on Chol Hamoed.

A gut moed


Rema Y:D 198 4-7, O:CH 532-1, Chol Hamoed Khilchoso 3-37, SS:K 66-29.

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