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Wearing tie on Chol Hamoed


Does one have to wear a tie on Chol Hamoed? If one looks in the Shaar haTziun in 630:1 he seems to say that there is a chiyuv to wear nicer clothes than the week but not the same chiyuv as Shabbos and Yom Tov.
Accordingly, one should be able to just wear a Shabbos suit but no tie.
Is this reasoning correct?
Thank you.



The idea is not yes tie or no tie, as there are numerous circles that never wear ties. The idea is that on Chol Hamoed we should be dressed noticeably nicer than regular weekdays. In order to show that today is a special day, and it isn’t a mere weekday. If your suit and shirt are noticeably nicer, then your appearance is nicer without the tie, however if not then the tie will give off this message.

A gut moed



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