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Bread crumbs on breaded fish


Do bread crumbs have tzuras hapas? I keep pas yisroel and I want to know if I can eat breaded flounder that d oes not indicate pas yisroel on the package?




In general bread crumbs do have a tzuras hapas, because the bracha on bread crumbs is Hamotzei. If however the crumbs are cooked in a kli rishon, then they will lose their hamotzei status.

Regarding the bread crumbs on the fish, in the bread crumbs are not pas Yisroel, and the halachos of pas akum or pas palter will apply to them, then cooking them afterwards will not take the stigma of pas akum off by cooking it. Depending on which supervising agency the flounder has, you can find out what their policy regarding pas Yisroel is. If you let us know which hechsher it has, we can find out for you.

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