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Subscription mistakenly extended


I paid for a subscription service that sells researched sales leads. they give 250 leads per account per month. I prepaid for 5 people for a year in 2021-2022. My subscription recently ended. For some reason the company owned privately (nochri) did not cancel access to my subscription. I know of the 1250 leads allowed monthly we maybe used 30% during the year. ( 3 of the 5 people left the firm) can I continue using it…. or doing so would be halacha not allowed even though owned by a Nochrim


 The fact that you only used a part of what you were entitled to during the year will not matter here because you paid for access to that amount of leads. If you didn’t use it, the opportunity is lost.

Regarding accessing the subscription now that you are on “mistake time”, if the company is sending you the leads, then you may use them, as this would be taus akum. However, to go into your account and their website to get leads that you didn’t pay for, would be geneiva, and it would not be permitted, as we may not steal from nochrim.

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שולחן ערוך חושן משפט הלכות גניבה סימן שמח סעיף ב “כל הגונב אפילו שוה פרוטה עובר על לאו דלא תגנובו (ויקרא יט, יא) וחייב לשלם, אחד הגונב ממון ישראל או הגונב ממון של גוים, ואחד הגונב מגדול או מקטן. הגה: טעות עובד כוכבים, כגון להטעותו בחשבון או להפקיע הלואתו, מותר, ובלבד שלא יודע לו, דליכא חילול השם (טור ס”ג). ויש אומרים דאסור להטעותו, אלא אם טעה מעצמו, שרי. (מרדכי פרק הגוזל בתרא)”.

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