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Clothing washed on Rosh Chodesh


Hello, I have two questions related to clothing. 1. If I live with nonobservant relatives for medical reasons and they wash clothing on rosh chodesh and some got (sock, underwear) got left in the washer or dryer by mistake, and then I do a wash the next day, is that a problem for my clothes to have been in there with the clothes washed on rosh chodesh? What if a sock of mine had been stuck in there and actually washed on rc by mistake? 2. If clothing labels mention 100% of a certain material (manmade) but say “exclusive of decoration”, do I have to worry that the decoration may have wool or linen? thank you




  1. The minhag of women not to wash clothing on Rosh Chodesh is because they didn’t want to give their jewelry for the golden calf. Therefore, they were given Rosh Chodesh as a small Yom Tov, in the sense that they abstain from doing certain things. It is not however as stringent as when one did melacha on Shabbos or real Yom Tov. Therefore, if some one did wash if it was by mistake, there is no problem with using the item.
  2. This is a question that you have to ask the people at your local shatnez testing center.

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Orach Chaim 417


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