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Mistakes in Amidah


If you make a pronunciation mistake, or lose your place in the final section of the amidah, can you go back the the start of a part you have not completed? For example, say a few words into יהי רצון I have doubt that said יהי can I simply return to יהי and restart the sentence? The reason I ask is this happens me to from time-to-time. It is almost like a form of obsessive compulsive disorder or something. In any event, while it is unlikely that I did not say it, it seems better to repeat with certainty rather than finish with doubt, however unfounded.

I assume you can, since one who says שלום רב on a fast day and realizes before they complete the blessing is instructed to simply restart at שים שלום, but I wanted to confirm. Overall, it seems unlikely I could return to רצה because of the mistake since I have already taken three steps back. Moreover, it seems unreasonable that I might have to repeat the entire amidah for something so objectively minor.

In any event, if it is permitted, can you always restart a blessing that you have not yet completed?




After a person has completed Shemona Esrei and said יהיו לרצון, (the first time) the prayers that we say after that are not an essential part of Shemona Esrei. Rather they are part of a person’s private prayers, and this is the place where we can say our own private prayers. Therefore, if you mistakenly left out a part, there is no need for you to go back and say it, especially if this might be a compulsive thing, it is better not to go back and say, as not to steer clear or anything to do with OCD behavior. You can rely on the fact that you did indeed said it, and you are yotza Shemona Esrei.

If you are in middle of a blessing and you aren’t sure if you said the beginning of it, you can assume that you did say it, because our tendency is to say the Shemona Esrei in order, and if you caught yourself in middle of a bracha you can assume that you said the beginning of it.

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