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Hello Rabbi


Good afternoon Rabbi, I had a few questions
1. Is it avodah zarah to have fortune cookies at a Chinese restaurant? Are fortune cookies avodah zarah?
2. Can one dress up for Halloween on October 31st?
3. Can one celebrate Valentine’s Day?



  1. Fortune cookies are not Chinese, rather an American invention.They don’t come from any aovda zara, and if anyone gives them any value other than thier taste that is pretty follish. Regardless it is not avoda zara.
  2. Jews should not celebrate Holloween, which is a pagan based holiday. We have Purim to celbrate life, not death, and we give to others, not walk around taking and vandalizing.
  3. Valentine’s day is also not a day for Jews to celebrate, as it originates from the Christianity, and giving honor to a priest. It is good for a person to show appreiciation to his wife. This can be done on the 15th of Av.

Best wishes


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