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OCD and kashering kitchen


I am embarrassed to ask this, but I have to. I have obsessive compulsive disorder and unfortunately some of the aspects of my life that causes me stress is religious matters and kashrut. Since Friday, I have had uncontrollable anxiety that the chicken I cooked in the oven was not kosher, even though I still have the package with heschers it came in and my wife, who bought it, assures me it was. Usually, I look closely and double check food packages before I use them but forgot to this time which is how the doubt sets in after-the-fact. It is not a logical thought, but it is part of my condition. In any event, I have an urge to kosher my oven again to make it “new” and to throw out the dishes to ease the anxiety, however, the doctors would tell me not to because that compulsion feeds my condition. I cannot seem to get it out of my mind and my anxiety was so bad I was in the hospital yesterday. What would the Halacha have me do in this situation?




According to what you are writing, the halacha, and the will of Hashem in your situation would be that you should absolutely not kasher your oven. Exactly as your doctors have told you. There is absolutely no religious issue here. The halacha states clearly, that your wife is believed to say that the food is kosher, and f you ask your Rov he will also say that it is kosher. If you are worried, what will be in shomayim if it indeed wasn’t kosher? The answer is that you will tell that that, the halacha is that you were permitted to eat it, because that is what it says in halacha. If halacha, which is Hashem’s will says that it is kosher, then that is exactly what it is. Therefore you should do exactly as the doctors are telling you.

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