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Things that changed after Matan Torah



I’m looking for various sources that changed after Matan Torah a couple that I’ve heard are as follows: 1) The Jewish status changed from Father to Mother. 2) That after Matan Torah tefillin etc became holy.



Here are a few quick changes, that happened.

  1. It was the first and only times the creator of the world revealed himself, to a whole nation, in a very clear way, and let them know what he expects of them.
  2. The Jews got the commandments, and their guide for life. Although they knew about many of the mitzvos, many of them were not in effect until after Matan Torah.
  3. The Torah calls “Har Sinai”, because the giving of the Torah caused that the gentiles should hate the Jews, because now they are fulfilling God’s commandments. (Tractate Shabbos 89a with commentary of Iyun Yackov).

As a side point, I would be interested to know the sources of the two ideas that you wrote. (There is a question asked, if the two parshios, Shema and V’haya im shamoa, were told to the Jews after Matan Torah, so how did they have tefillin then, that they now became holy?)


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