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Mistaken refund


Hello Rabbi, I have a money related question. I was in a store and my mother mistakenly got us a refund for an item that we still own and did not return. I called the company when I got home and asked them to void the return, or to recharge me for the item. They said that they will. A few days passed and I didn’t get the charge yet, so I called back to let them know. The representative said it shows that they did it, but it could take 10 days to see it on my end. Meanwhile it’s been almost a month since, and I still didn’t get charged. Should I call back a third time, or accept this free item as a gift? (If they had overcharged me, I would continue to fight it, so should I try as hard for their benefit as I would for my own?) Thanks for your help!




Since you told them about it, and it is up to them to bill you, this would be an issue of hashovas aveida. You already tell them know twice that they should take their money. If they didn’t that is their issue. If it is a Jewish store, and you want to do לפנים משורת הדין, you can bring the money in when you will be there anyways. (If you decide to do this, make sure you get a receipt from them, so you know that the money indeed got into the stores system, and doesn’t end up in some employee’s pocket).

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