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Relationships with employees at law offices



I have a question about the employees of my law firm who, although paid decently, are always sad.

Is their main problem guilt, which leads to sadness and despair?

The man goes with the feeling that he is not satisfied with himself and what is happening with him. He does not pay attention to the good that is in him and does not learn to love and accept himself as he is.

Is the only remedy for these ills of generation is the strengthening of consciousness to always strengthen us.

Often we try to strengthen the employees of my law firm with words of faith and thanks, but our words fall on a closed heart and do not bear fruit.

The man remains closed in on himself and with his negative feelings and his frustration. Reinforcement words have no effect.

Do you think the problem is self-hatred, self-criticism, a lack of self-esteem and they’re not able to see the good in themselves?

So what would be the cure for self-hatred?

Sincerely Shalom.




It is hard to know the reason why someone is sad. It might be any one of many difficulties that the man has in his life that we may not be aware of. On the other hand it might just be because of something about the office and the way he is treated that makes him this way. It is hard to know.

What might help, is if there is a someone in the office that he friendly with, you might be able to privately bring this issue up with him, and that might shed some light on this employee’s situation. You also might want to ask is friend if he thinks there is anything about the office that might be bothering him. You can tell him that although it might be uncomfortable for him to say something, you want to know this, in order to improve things in the office. This will give the employee the opportunity to be open with you, and this conversation might shed some light and help you out.

Best wishes


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