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Shatnez for polyester and wool blend, also cloth diapers


I have a coat with polyester and wool on the outside and polyester on the inside, does the 45% polyester and 55% wool violate shaatnez? From my reading I don’t think so…however I just want to confirm. If I need to get it tested since there is wool listed as 55%…are there places you recommend that I ship to as I live in New Mexico and I am not aware of a testing place nearby. Also, while I was expecting I made wool diaper covers for my 7 week old (7 weeks tomorrow)…do I need to get them tested even though the cloth manufacturer says 100% wool? Thank you and very respectfully.




Mazal Tov on your new addition. You should have much nachas from him/her.

A mixture of polyester and wool is not shatnez, however since the coat has wool in it, if there are any threads of linen, it will be shatnez. This being the case, the coat should be checked for shatnez.

Since it is hard to send it to a shatnez laboratory, before doing so , I would suggest that you speak with someone from the laboratory, before sending it there. Once you have the person on the phone, you can ask him your second question. The closet shatnez checker that I know of in your area would be Dov Finman in Pheonix Arizona at (602) 433-0300, or Moshe Trepp (512)-501-9019 in Austin Texas. This information is not updated, but it can’t hurt to try. If these two don’t work out ,let me know and I ‘ll look for something else

Best wishes


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