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Am I Jewish?


Hello, Rabbi! I’ve recently rediscovered my Jewish roots and I want to be sure of it. My maternal grandmother is Jewish, so my mother through her mother is half-jewish and as I know is also considered Jewish.
Am I, her son, Jewish, even if I didn’t grow up with Judaism in every day life, or even if I’m not circumcised? Thank you!



To my brother Jew,

If your mother is Jewish from her mother ,then you are also Jewish. Yes you would need to get curcumcised, becaue that is one of the fundimental obligations of a Jew. But even if you aren’t circumcised your soul is Jewish. (Circumcision nowadays is not what it used to be, as they now have anesthetics.)

If you need any help discovering your roots, ther are many sources that we can help you with.

Best wishes

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