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Shabbos – Is this a Chillul Shabbos?


Ha Rav, On Shabbos, I looked up a word in a Hebrew/English dictionary that has a cd in the dictionary for pronunciation. It is a paper dictionary with cd inside it. – Did I do a Chillul Shabbos? May I ask your sources be made in English, please.




The issue that you are asking about is not chillul Shabbos, but about transgressing muktza. This is not because of the dictionary, that is not muktza, rather because the dictionary was supporting the cd, which is muktza. It is possible however that the dictionary did not become muktza, but this would depend on how the cd was being held inside the dictionary. If the cd was in its own pouch, like a sleeve, and the sleeve was attached to the dictionary, then the dictionary will not become muktza. This is because if the cd was in a secondary part of the dictionary, it will not make it muktza. However if it was just in between the pages or in a sleeve formed in way that the cover of the dictionary is a part of the sleeve, then the dictionary would become muktza.


Orach Chaim 310-7


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