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Personality influenced /determine by G-d


Is a person’s personality influenced or determined by G-d.The personality traits a person has, not their character traits(ethics,morals).So I am referring here to things like if someone is a deep thinker,or very analytical or judges a lot of situations



Yes, to a degree a person’s personality traits are influenced by G-d. Hashem gives different people different character traits according to the job that He wants the person to accomplish in this world. An easy example of this is when people take an aptitude test to see which trade would be best for them. Another example is the inherent differences in personality between men and women. Women are generally more, and are built emotionally, etc., for tending to the needs of children, whereas men, (although then can do it) are cut out more for physically challenging jobs, and for the challenges that present themselves outside of the home.

It is important to note that this does not mean that a person is “stuck” in thier personality, andd that they can’t do anything about it. Although different people have different tendencies, nevertheless, we are given free choice to decide what we want to do, and how we want to act. Therefore in a way both are correct

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