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Yichus when parents are converts


Hi, I come from converts. My father converted to Judaism and my mothers father wasn’t Jewish when she was born.
I am aware of a passuk that says a convert shall be treated equally.
Very often I see myself as part of a lower class because even if I was born jewish I still cannot hold certain positions in Judaism like performing chalitza and so on.
Is there anything that can change the way I view myself?
Thank you




If I may, I would like to correct you. You do not come from converts, you father is a convert, but since you mother is a Jew, and her mother a Jew then you are Jewish and not considered a convert regarding this. If you will be zoche to be a dayan on a Bais Din, you can rule on monetary matters, although this is true that for chalitza you wouldn’t. The chances in any case that you would be on a Bais Din for chalitza is extremely rare and is not really more than a theoretical thing.

Viewing yourself as a lower-class Jew is incorrect. Just because there is something that you can’t do, doesn’t make you a lower class. Everyone has a job that they were given to do in this world. You have no restriction to become the gadol hador, equal to R’ Chaim Kanievsky, R’ Moshe Feinstein, Chazon Ish and Vilna Gaon. Could you imagine if you would be like the Vilna Gaon, and a major talmid chacham. Would you be cherished in the eyes of Hashem? Of course! Would you be able to be on the bais din for chalitza, no. But would that take away from your being the gadol hador? No. You have the opportunity to make whatever you want out of yourself, and you aren’t inhibited. That is not considered lower-class.

Best wishes


Yora Deah 369-11, Even Haezer 169-2.

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