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Making music


Is it allowed to make Jewish hip hop music, to bring people closer to HaShem?

HaShem has given me a talent to be able to sing very well and I wanted to know if it is allowed to make Jewish kosher hip hop music.

I was told that this is not recommended because if one succeeds one can be approached with many tests and that if one doesn’t succeed it was a waste of time.
But I also heard of HaShem gave someone a talent, if he doesn’t use it for the right thing it’s very bad.
Please give me sources as well thank you so much




You are asking a very good question. Both sides of your question have certain validity ot them. On the other hand, the correct choice really depends on who you are, your position in spiritual growth, etc. Thereore I can only say that you woud have to discuss this with your Rabbeim, as they know who you are and they can guide you as to what is best for you personally, to bring out what is best for you.

Best wishes


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