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Completing minyan


I learn in a kollel across the street from a Shul. During the winter Mincha minyan is very early so the shul struggles to get a minyan. Is one of the yungerleit obligated to be mashlim the minyan for them or is it better not to be mevatel from seder and the shul just will not have a minyan that day. What do we do if the rabbi asks if someone should come. Also the rosh kollel was not so happy about the shul asking. What is the halacha in this case. I would appreciate sources thank you.




It is hard to give you a clear answer, when I don’t know that circumstances that the shul is in, and why they need to ask you to come. For example, do the mispallelim have another place to go and daven, and it is only in order to keep up the minyan, or because they will not be able to daven otherwise? These factors can affect the halacha if you have to stop learning in order to do this mitzva or not.

I would suggest that you speak with your rosh kollel about his and he should wiegh out the situation what Hashem would want you to do here.

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