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Cut sharp item with milky knife on meaty plate


Someone took a milchig knife and sliced a lemon on a fleishig plate. The plate may have possibly been used for hot fleishig within 24 hours. What is the status of the utensils now?




We should l’chatchila be careful not to cut sharp things with a milchig knife on a fleishig plate, however in retrospect, if it was already done, we will not say that the plate gave taste to the knife.

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Chochmas Adom 56-2, Darcei Teshuva 96-37, Davar Charif 1- ftnt. 53, 57 in the name of R’ Eliyashiv zt”l  that b’dieved we can be meikel. Also see Hilchos Basar B’chalav chap.10 ftnt. 92 in the name of a number of poskim, who agree to this.

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