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Blessing of a rabbi meaning:


When I was 16 a rabbi saw greatness in my personality. He blessed me to one day find of my deserving partner in life. He added to buy a tallit and blessed it. He mentioned to reserve it in a shelf until once found. What is the reason of being blessed by a rabbi? Isnt what you deserve (based on your actions) the heaven sends? A better undstanding would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.




Your point is understood, to a certain degree a person will get from heaven what the deserve. However, on the other hand heaven is very kind, and most of the time heaven gives us much more than we deserve. A person who sins once twice five, ten times to the king will have a decent chance of getting killed. However Hashem, in His loving-kindness, gives us second chance and if we do teshuva, accepts it, and even blesses us for it.

Another aspect of Hashem’s kindness is that even if we don’t deserve something, He will often give it to us, if we pray and ask for it. Similar to a child that will plead with his parent for a certain toy, that he might not deserve, often they will give it to him, simply because he asked for it a number of times. The idea of getting a blessing from a big Rabbi, is that a blessing is a form of prayer. It is a prayer to Hashem that He should grant you the thing that the Rabbi is asking Him for. Therefore the blessing helps is that sense.

To add to this, there is another major kindness that Hashem does. That is that if a Rabbi is on a high enough level, he can merit what is called, “Tzaddik gozer v’Hashem mekayim”. Meaning that there is an idea that a person that is righteous enough, that what comes out of his mouth, is in a ay considered a  “decree” and Hashem will do it, even if the person doesn’t merit it at all.

It is important to mention, that our own prayers are also very important here, and whatever you need from Hashem, remember you have a kind father in Heaven that listens to all of your prayers.

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  1. Thank you for bringing out these amazing points. 1. It makes sense now, why many rabbis have a high interest of people wanting their blessing. 2. Everyone views prayer in different ways. I personally like to ask of the heaven a person of my deserving. I find being fair with hashem is very important. Its working your way up for half your life to be on a great level, “consists of alot of effort” then the fairness of asking someone not more nor less than myself. In other words, I dont want my father to be spoiling me, rather someone well earned. You’re website is always a pleasure visiting. Thank you for the answers as always.

    1. You’re welcome. It is a pleasure to be of help.

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