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Lashon Harah About An Anonymous Jew?


Is it LH to say e.g. “You don’t know this man and will never meet him so I can tell you that he’s….” Where ‘the man’ and the speaker and listener are all Jews and the info is derogatory? TIA.




According to the Chofetz Chaim, if the person will not be able to figure out who it is, then it isn’t lashon hora. (Others say that some of the other lavin, such as not being dan lkaf zechus would apply.)

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חפץ חיים מל’ לשה”ר כלל ג-ד, והל’ רכילות א’-ט, וכן שן”ת לחפץ חיים ח”ג ס’ י”ב שהח”ח אמר ששלשה”ר בלי שם הוא כמו מכתב בלי כתובת, שאינו כלום.


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