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Is it permissible to blow kisses to date?




This should not be done. According to halacha, boys and girls should not be talking to each other just for social reasons, because it starts off as talking, and then it proceeds… and it leads to many aveiros. Obviously, boys and girls may date each other, if the purpose of the meeting is for marriage, because then it is for a very constructive purpose. They must however remember, (and this will apply even after they are engaged to each other,) that since the girl is over 12 she is therefore a nida, and she is considered an ervah d’orayso, and touching, kissing etc. are all forbidden. Even though technically “blowing a kiss” is not kissing, however it is giving over a message, which is inappropriate at this time, and can ignite certain feeling, which are dangerous for them at this time. IY”H if this girl is the right one, you will marry her, and the appropriate time will come.

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אום אני חומה הוגי שעשועות ס”ק ס”ד שכ”ש שאסורה לאשה לקרוץ לאיש כיון שמגרי בו יצה”ר, ולראוורה כ”ש לעשות את זה.


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