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Accepting Questionable Money


Lichvod HaRav,

I am wondering if you can help me with the following:

Many people in Chutz La’aretz and in Eretz Yisroel do various tricks to avoid paying taxes. Some people actively do tricks to avoid taxes and some people simply don’t claim their earnings. My first question is, is this considered stealing due to the rule of dina demalchusa dina, is there a difference between EY and CL?

Secondly, if it is a problem, is there a problem for one to accept tzedokah from such money? If I would want to print a sefer and I ask for donations and part of it comes from such money is it a problem?

In other words: is the issur upon the ganav, or is it upon the money?

And finally, lets say I would start a big charity campaign, and I found someone to match who was willing to donate $500,000 using such money, would that make all the money invalid?

Looking forward to hearing some guidance on this issue, thank you.




While I can’t comment on what people are doing regarding this, and each person has to speak to his Rov, and ask his own personal question.

In general, though, let’s say that what was done was indeed forbidden to do, regarding if the money may be used for a mitzva or not. If it is just a question of tax evasion, when the person was supposed to pay money to the government and didn’t. The person didn’t actually take any money from the government, and it isn’t as if he actively took $100 from someone’s pocket. Here the person owes money, and he didn’t pay it, but he doesn’t have money that was actually stolen. Therefore, there is no problem with accepting tzedakah from such a person’s money.

If, however the person got a check from the government, for negative taxes in a fraudulent way. Then that money would be considered money that was actually stolen, and that money shouldn’t be used.

Best wishes


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