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Using Shabbos candles to light other candles


Can we light a Shabbos candle with another already lit Shabbos candle. For example; if one person lights a Shabbos candle? Could a second person light their match using the fire from the 1st person’s Shabbos candle? And then use this match to light their Shabbos candle? I know this would not be allowed with Hanukkah candles so this is why I’m not sure if it is allowed with Shabbos candles.
Thank you




Your question applies not only to another woman lighting her candles from your but even if the match or candle used to light went out. If this happens you may strike another match. If another match is not available, you should not light the extinguished match from the candles, because it not respectful to the candles. This is even though it is in order to light the other candle. Instead, use the lit candle to light the unlit ones, and preferably not by bringing the unlit candle to the lit one. The reason for this is because the candle that is being lit should be in its place when it is lit, and not in someone’s hand.



משנה ברורה ס’ רס”ג סק”ד “ומותר להדליק מנר לנר בין אם מדליק שנים או יותר ואין בזה משום ביזוי מצוה דכולן של מצוה הם. אבל אסור להדליק קיסם או נר של חול מנר של שבת משום ביזוי מצוה. ונהגו להחמיר בזה אפילו אם כוונתו כדי להדליק בו נר אחר של שבת”. וכ”כ בשש”כ פמ”ג סע’ ל”ט.

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