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Judging people



I’ve been in my converting process for a while now but I see myself judging people more and more when they don’t act modest or eat kosher and I KNOW I shouldn’t do that but I don’t know how to stop myself.

I really wanna be a jew but I don’t think I’m worthy enough




Becoming a Jew and converting, doesn’t mean that you will automatically be perfect, nor does it mean that you can’t become Jewish even though you aren’t perfect. Judging people favorably is a mitzva that takes years of training, to perfect. Haashem doesn’t demand that we be perfect, He wants that we should work toward that goal. That is the purpose of our stay in this work to work towards perfection, as best as we can. It is a journey; it has its ups and downs, but those who are persistent, like you, will get there.

The fact that someone wants to be a Jew, wants to keep all of the commandments, and is willing to convent, makes you worthy. Keep on going and don’t give up.

Best wishes



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