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Moser modaah for hanhagos tovos follow up


In this post ( you wrote that if one was moser moda’ah on Erev Rosh Hashana then that can be matir a hanhaga tova. But what if one continued practicing a hanhaga tova that he started before Rosh Hashana after he was moser moda’ah and only is mischaret on the hanhaga tova in Kislev. Does he then need to be moser moda’ah again? Thank you.




We are never regret doing the good things. If it is a good thing to do why should we regret it? Besides after a person does a mitzva he never regrets it, otherwise he will lose the reward for that mitzva.

What we regret is the neder aspect of the action. We want to continue doing the mitzva, but without he stigma of it being a neder. In other words, we want to continue doing the action, but bli neder. In fact, even when being matir the neder, we specifically say, “and I don’t, heaven forbid, regret the good action that I did, but only making of the neder”.

Therefore keep on doing the good hanhaga, but just make sure that it will not turn into a neder.

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