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Is it allowed to use soup powder, to make soup on Shabbos


Good Afternoon. I would be very grateful if the Rav, shlita, would kindly give a p’sak. Is it allowed to use chicken soup powder, eg, the Osem chicken soup powder, or the onion soup powder, or any other such soup powder, for the purposes of making a savory hot drink, cup of soup, on Shabbos. I do not know if all the ingredients are already cooked. I am guessing, that even if they are not, in theory they might all be allowed to be cooked in a keili shlishi. However, I would guess that there still might be issues. I.e. could there be a losh issue in that the powder might clump together? Is there a bishul issue that is not obvious? Could it be molid in that a solid is being changed into a liquid? Is there any other concern?

Tizku LeMitzvos. With many thanks. 



What you are writing seems correct, that it would be permitted to put instant soup mix into a kli shelishi. Even if some of the ingredients (i.e. spices, flavorings) in the soup mix were not cooked before Shabbos. Although they may not be put into a kli sheini, they are still not considered “kalei habishul” items that cook easily and are permitted in a kli shelishi. As a side point, it is important to note that there are some instant coffees, nowadays that contain 15% raw coffee beans, to give the coffee a freshly brewed taste. Such coffee may not be made in a kli sheini, but only in a kli shelishi.

Losh is not an issue, because even if it would clump up, you didn’t mean it and you don’t want it, and it is not inevitable that it will happen. Therefore, it is a davar sheino miskaven. Molid is not an issue, no different than sugar in coffee or tea on Shabbos, which dissolves.


 שמירת שבת כהלכתה – הערות פרק א הערה קפה* “במדריך הנ”ל בהערה קפב הביא שיש לחשוש בקפה שיש בו טעמים נוספים כגון קפה וניל, ובמלבין קפה וכן באבקת – מרק ואף במזון תינוקות כגון מטרנה יתכן שמוסיפים ויטאמינים שאינם מבושלים, ולכן יש ליתנם רק בכלי שלישי. ובענין “מנה חמה” (תבשיל שיש להוסיף לו מים חמים ונהיה ראוי לאכילה) מלבד הבעיה של בישול יש חשש באיסור לישה ראה להלן פ”ח סע’ ל”.

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