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Forcing my wife to do something


Hi Rabbi,
My wife is on one health insurance plan (Macabi). I made aliyah before my wife, and have been on Meuhedet for a few years before she made aliyah. My wife wants to stay on Macabi because that is where she had health insurance on a “tourist plan,” and, now that she’s made aliyah, she is on a new plan there. But I think it’s better that we stay on the same health plan. Being on the same plan allows us to work together, which can have benefits like saving money and time.
Under what circumstances, if any, am I allowed to switch her on to Meuhedet?

Thank you in advance!




Before answering your question, check to make sure that you will indeed be saving money. You might just find that it is cheaper the way it is now.

Your question is not really a halachic one, rather a question of hanhaga. Why should you force your wife to change kupot, for a few shekel? If the few shekel are important to you, what the Torah would tell you to do is to switch your kupah to hers. This way she will be happy, and you will save money, but to force her to switch.

R’ Steinman had a slogan “I was once old and now I have aged, and I have NEVER seen someone “giving in” and lose out from it”. Yes, you may have to switch doctors, but why should she have to switch? By your giving in, you will gain much more by enhancing your shalom bayis, bringing the shechina into your home, and all the benefits, in health and pasnossa that it brings.

Best wishes


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