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Re: Arriving on Shabbat on shlishit. Is it permissible?


Arriving on Shabbat on shlishit. Is it permissible?

Highly Esteemed Rabbonim of the Din Online:

If someone started the journey way before Shabbat and was planning to arrive at their destination before Shabbat, but through the journey the circumstances unavoidably changed. And the arrival at destination falls on Shabbat. Is it permissible for someone to arrive at their destination within shlishit? Meaning, before the first third of Shabbat (the first eight hours of Shabbat) had expired?
Thank You very much for Your answer.
Ba kavod rav,



As far as travel on Shabbos is concerned, or if one is on a boat etc., we are not allowed tp ttravel on Shabbos no matter when we will actually arrive. There is an issue regarding going out of the techum Shabbos, and any melacha that is involved in the actual travel. Regarding these issues there is no differance between arriving shortly after Shabbos begins, or an hour later. I am not aware of this idea called shlishit.

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