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OCD in the Kitchen


I have obsessive compulsive disorder and have asked several questions about situations related to my condition. Yesterday, I became concerned dairy might have come in contact with the outside of my meat oven. Unfortunately, I was unable to resist the compulsions and have cleaned the oven several times with kosher certified wipes. Since then, I have terrible anxiety that I did not wash my hands well enough and may have contaminated the oven. I realize this is not a rational thought and should resist the compulsion to wash it again, but it is part of my condition. In any event, even if my hands were not properly washed, would there even be a kashrut concern? Objectively, I cannot imagine what could have been on my hands, but even if there was something would it be bitul? I am just trying to assess the situation independent of the anxiety and compulsions.



You did a good job, and the rational part of you is correct. According to what you’re describing your oven if still kosher.

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