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Brocha with food stuck in partial denture, is it allowed?


Ha Rav, I wear a partial denture. After saying the first bracha and eating, I get food stuck in the denture. Can I say another brocha with food stuck in the denture? Ex: non bread meal, HaEitz then HaAdama. What should I do?



My understanding of your question is that there is halacha that if a person mistakenly puts food in their mouth before saying a bracha, that if possible, it should be taken out so that the bracha can be said, without any food inside it. The reason being because there is a posuk that says, “Yimale pi tehilasecha” “I will fill my mouth with your praise”. Therefore, we don’t want to have any food in our mouth when saying a bracha. This does not mean that we have to clean our mouth out, and brush our teeth between brachos, or before saying a bracha achronal. We don’t find anywhere in the poskim that this has to be done. The reason is, because such a small amount of food is insignificant, and it is still considered as making a bracha with a full mouth. Therefore, there is no need for you to clean out your dentures between brachos.


שולחן ערוך אורח חיים הלכות בציעת הפת, סעודה, וברכת המזון סימן קעב סעיף ב

שכח והכניס אוכלין לתוך פיו בלא ברכה, אם הוא דבר שאינו נמאס אם יפלטנו, יפלטנו ויברך עליו; ואם הוא דבר שנמאס, מסלקו לצד אחר ומברך.

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