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Allowed to work for a company that celebrates homo and other immoralities


B”H” A large international financial service company makes it a point to periodically put rainbow flags, “Pride” and prominently on their webpages (what in my mind amounts to) propaganda for LGBT agenda and other sexual immorality purposes. On the other hand, the (profitable) company pays very well, supports up to $10,000 yearly matching funds for Torah, koshering kitchens and kiruv organizations, has never made it an issue for the orthodox Jew to take off all the time needed for all hagim (including 8-9 days for sukkot, pesach), early shabbat, w/o any problems. My question is is it forbidden, not recommended but allowed or allowed for a kosher Jew work for such a company that not just accepts but promotes behavior and worldviews which Hashem deeply despises and warns against?




It is understandable that you are disgusted by the behavior of the company, however you personally have nothing to do with this repulsive behavior. Therefore, we cannot say that it working for the company is not allowed. If you want to change companies because you don’t want to be associated with a company that proports such things, I understand that. However, as you write, there are religious benefits to working for the company, such as not having to work on Chol Hamoed, early Shabbat etc.

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