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Attending a Wedding Between Two Women?


Is it permissible to attend a wedding between two women who were born and raised as and still consider themselves Orthodox and will have performed for them the traditional ceremony with a Rabbi, etc., where one of the women is my wife’s sister’s niece? If it is not permissible to attend the ceremony, is it permissible to attend the after-party where nothing religious will take place? Thank you.




You should not be attending such a wedding, not the ceremony, and not the celebrations afterwards.

According to the torah there is no such thing as a marriage except when it is between a man and a woman, as the Torah says, “when a man will betroth a woman”. The Torah goal of marriage is in order to create homes of holiness, and to propagate the world. Two women who decide to stray from Hashem’s purpose of marriage, and instead engage in a life dedicated to self-gratification, cannot be considered an orthodox marriage. Therefore, I am shocked that an “orthodox” Rabbi would be willing to perform, something that is a mockery of the Torah that he is supposed to stand for.  Attending a ceremony, which is in no way considered an orthodox marriage, is giving credence and validity to perversion of the Torah and an orthodox Jew has no place being there. This applies to the ceremony and to the celebration afterwards, which essentially is celebrating the violation of the Torah’s ideals.

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