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Davening after Chatzos


My daughter age 16 woke up late after chatzos- what can she daven for shacharis?




She can say brachos, and Pesukei D’zimra, (and according to some poskim without Baruch Shamar and Yishtabach) daven Shemona Esrei, for Mincha, then say ashrei again and then a second Shemona Esrei as a make-up for Shacharis, and then Aleinu.

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  1. Reminder; It seems She can only daven mincha after the half hour after shacharis

  2. The answer says that she can say Pesukei D’Zimrah. Does this include Boruch SheOmar and Yishtabach? I thought that specifically these two – as distinct from the rest of p’sukei D’Zimrah – are not allowed to be said after chatzos?

    1. It is true, there are poskim who say not to say the brachos of Pesukei Dzimra after chatzos.

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