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Matanos Levyonim part 2



Hi, is it allowed to put matanos levyonim in a box in shul on taanis esther or Purim night? Thanks


HI, Can you please tell me how it is going to get to the poor person? Essentially we should be making a person a messanger to give the matanos levyonim for us. However if it is just placed in a box, how is it being given to the poor person? Please let me know. Thanks


The way it works is you put the money in a box on the bima and the rabbi/gabbi gives it out on Purim day. Is it fine to put the money in the box before Purim day? Thanks


This is fine. You are putting it in the box, and the Rabbi is holding it for you until Purim day, when he will distribute the money.

Have a happy Purim.



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