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Kids checking eggs


Is there an age requirement for kids to be able to check eggs themselves? My 9 year old daughter likes to bake. Does an adult or someone over bar/bas mitzvah needs to watch her?




There are two types of eggs that might have blood spots, fertilized and unfertilized. Blood spots found in fertilized eggs, or eggs that were in proximity to roosters are considered trief. However blood spots from unfertilized eggs, although we don’t eat the actual blood spot, and many people have the custom to throw out the whole egg, however checking the eggs is only checking for something that is d’rabonon. Most eggs that are sold in stores, where the eggs are coming from large producers, are unfertilized. Therefore for such eggs, we can rely on a child to check them, if the child is old enough to understand what he or she is doing.  Best wishes

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