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What should I do?


I am an orthodox Jew. I was raised orthodox, I learn frequently, I practice consistently. Yet recently have been curious about Ásatrú ( a sect of norse paganism) and have been dedicated to doing much research on it, slowly developing a connection to it. I am torn on what I should do about it. Do you have any advice?




As you so correctly write, you are a Jew. Hashem who created us knows what our yetzer hora is about, and He therefore warned us not to get even close to avoda zara, because learning about it, looking at them, and even going near them can slowely and subtly make a connection between our neshoma tehora and the avoda zara. Avoda Zara can be confusing, and unless a person is capable of seeing the fallacy of it, one can fall into it. (By the way ths is especially true for women, who emotionally bind with what they experience, see and hear.)

Therefore, what you should do right now is to disconnect yourself from it as much as you can. Get rid of any books on it that you have, and cut yourself off from any connection that you have to it. Yes it will be difficult at the beginning, similar to when a person is in a dangerous relationship with someone, and has to break it up. At first it will be hard, but it woun’t take long and you’ll get back to normal regular life, without this yetzer hora.

After you have broken yourself from the avoda zara you can then go to the next stage of asking Hashem for a kapara. After reaching that stage you will be cherished and loved by Hashem more than most other people, because you sucseeded in doing real teshuva.

If you need any more assistance don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes

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